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Palm oil purification

Add Time: 2014-06-10 10:58:34

Pressing oil usually contains 66% fat, 24% water, 10% of FeiYou solid, MAO palm oil filter by the vibrating screen points, and remove the fiber after coarse slag into Tun chemical tank Tun indirect steam on the tank and steam directly, palm oil water mixture after purification by centrifugal pump into the high pot, steady flow clarification tank.
Clarify the oil from the oil outlet of clarifying tank into the oil tank, the disc type moisture separator to remove oil, oil after the plate heat exchanger, heated to 105 ℃, the vacuum dryer, residual water in the oil smoke clean.
Vacuum drying in the oil from the bottom of the shield electric pump suction, smoke to the storage tank.Oil into storage tanks need to reach a certain requirements, its moisture content is between 0.1% ~ 0.2%, the impurities should be less than 0.02%.

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