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Palm oil storage

Add Time: 2014-06-10 10:59:49

Fresh palm oil has special pleasant smell and taste, but it is now harvest and oil palm blended, inevitably will be affected by a strong enzyme action, make the palm oil is easy to hydrolysis, free fatty acid content of 5% or so.Palm oil because it contains more unsaturated fatty acid, good stability, not easy oxidation.
Palm oil in storage or transport between 32 ℃ to 40 ℃, to prevent overheating.Loading and unloading of palm oil temperature should be controlled in 50 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, palm oil heating process should be controlled, the temperature of a maximum of 5 ℃ / 24 h.
Palm MAO oleic acid price is higher, the color is deeper, colloid, less suitable for physical refining, to increase the rate of refining, oil is orange red, the color is mainly a large number of B carotene (0.05% 0.2%), the color cannot be removed effectively by alkali refining, oil color through oxidation to general light yellow, under the action of sunlight and air, palm oil decolorization, palm oil, slightly sweet taste, with a pleasant violet aromas, temperature of semi-solid, its consistency and melting point depends largely on the content of free fatty acids, the international market called lower free fatty acid content of palm oil soft oil, called the free fatty acid content is higher in the oil.
Pigment in pretreatment to retrieve part of phosphoric acid and clay, more is in the distillation acid removal.And coconut oil refining, palm kernel oil free fatty acid content of MAO, appearance, shape and coconut oil similar range of USES, too

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