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Palm Fruit -- The Special Oil Seeds

Add Time: 2016-09-19 19:42:22

Due to the particularity structure of oil palm fruit, its oil processing technology and equipment is different with other oilseeds .


1, Sterilization kill yeast.Sterilization kill leaven is with 0.3 MPa steam, temperature of 143 degrees, for high-temperature cooking oil palm fruit about 60 minutes in kill yeast pot , destruction of lipase in the palm fruit, avoiding the palm oil free fatty acid content increases.In addition, the high temperature to kill yeast can make palm fruit soft, facilitating mechanical threshing, also is advantageous to the subsequent palm kernel shell, reduce the breakage of the palm kernel.

2, Palm fruit hreshing.The oil palm fruit from palm fruit bunch isolated .

3, Mashed and cooking.Purpose is to tear palm fruit skin, separate the palm pulp and the palm core, and mashed pulp tissue, heat to make pulp soft at the same time, pulp tissue structure destruction.The best conditions of cooking is 90-100 degrees, about 20 minutes.Meshed and cooking equipment is a heating jacket with cylindrical tanks.

4, Extracting oil.usually,by specialized and continuous screw oil press.

5, Crude oalm oil purification.crude palm Oil usually contains 66% palm oil, 24% water, 10% impurities.Due to more solid impurity is contained in palm oil, need to be diluted, diluted palm oil should be filtered to remove solids, then put the palm oil pump into the continuous sedimentation tank to make the mixed oil into fluctuation two parts (oil and sediment).

6, Palm oil storage.Palm oil in storage or transport between 32-40 degrees, to prevent overheating.

7, Separation of palm core and the fibre material.Oil palm fruit after pressing into the palm kernel with shell and fiber meal, need to break the fiber meal first, then using air separation effect to separate fiber material and palm core.

8, The process of palm core and palm kernel.The process mainly includes: palm core softening and conditioning, palm core crushing,core-shell separated from nucleolus, shell and kernel drying.

9, Palm kernel oil oil extracting.Similar to general oilseeds oil extraction processmwith palm kernel oil process, crushing, flaking, steaming and frying, squeezing.Fresh palm kernel oil is opacifying color or light yellow, high viscosity, with the flavor of walnuts, but not in time refining quickly hydrolysis, will produce a spicy taste.Palm kernel oil contains a large number of lauric acid, very different from palm oil, which is similar to coconut oil.



The Working process of Palm oil refining plant :


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