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Palm Oil Mill -- Made In China

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With the assistance of a diligent workforce and innovative production techniques, we are able to provide a quality range of palm oil mills. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure & a team of experienced oil technologists, we ensure only high grade palm oil machines are provided to our clients. During the manufacturing process of Palm Oil Mills machines are checked after each step of manufacture, thus these products match the international quality in the market.



Sterilization is the first step which allows complete mechanical stripping with lipase enzyme deactivitazion. Fruit bunches were filled in open topped perforated steel cages which is later on pushed to sterilizers on rails.


This process is used to separate sterilized fruits from bunch stalks.

Digesting And Pressing

Sterilized stripped fruit then fed to digester. Crude oil separation from digested pal fruits then occurs by pressing continues double screw presses.

Clarification And Purification of Palm Oil

Crude oil extracted in twin screw presses comprised of various impurities like vegetable matters and sand particles. Clarification step is the used for removing these impurities. This step involves separation of diluted crude oil and collects it into settling tank.

The Depericarping And Kernel Recovery Station Comprising Depericarpin

Finally the residue is taken in the form of cakes which is made up of finers and nuts. These obtained cakes will now send to conveyors.



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