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Complete sets of palm oil plant

Add Time: 2016-10-09 19:38:22

Complete sets of equipments production of palm oil company Oil expert system design, professional palm oil equipment plants to produce stereotypes products, advanced technology and well-equipped, high yields and low energy consumption. Palm ear squeezes out area of competence 10t/h~100t/h; The palm oil refine throughput scope 20 t/day~1000 t/day, our company according to user's actual situation provides complete sets of equipment and equipment stand-alone, and provides from the factory district design, the construction design and the construction for you, to workshop design and construction and so on each service.


Meanwhile, we will also provide you with the equipment to provide high-quality technical services to completely lift your worries. At present our company does in the Indonesian Malaysia has the Palm ear complete set FFB system oil factory, the output is 240 tons/days, welcome the domestic and foreign enterprises the visit to visit..



palm oil processing machine in brief :


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