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The worldwide of palm oil plant application

Add Time: 2016-10-25 19:59:11

Palm oil is a kind of vegetable oil through palm oil processing plant , it is the second largest edible oil  after the soybean oil. In addition, palm oil has been used as biodiesel. Malaysia and Indonesia is the world's main producer of palm oil.


Palm oil is extracted from the palm fruit on palm-oil, palm tree original from west Africa, spread to Malaysia at the end of the 18th century, widely grown in southeast Asia regions. At present, the southeast Asia, South America, Africa, many countries grow palm trees. Palm fruit after boiling, crushing, extracting process we can obtain crude palm oil; crude palm oil after refining, removing free fatty acids, natural pigment, odor, we can obtain the refined palm oil .

According to different requirements, through the points we can get 24 , 33, 44 degrees of different melting point palm oil. Palm oil has rich nutrients and oxidation resistance, in the food industry and chemical industry has a wide range of applications.

The main purpose: One, Palm oil has two characteristics: one is contain more unsaturated fatty acid, good stability, not easy to the oxidation. Liquid oil used as cold, cooked or Fried oil, its light and refreshing taste. Palm oil without fractionation can be used in soap industry. In the end, Palm oil in the world , is widely used in food and beverage industry, food manufacturing and oil chemical industry. If you want to buy high quality palm oil mill, Zhengzhou First Grain and Oil Machinery Co.,ltd is a better choice.


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