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Destroy the enzyme of equipment and supplies

Destroy the enzyme of equipment and supplies:
1, in the aspect of processing method, oil palm fruit out of enzyme is take boiled, destroy enzyme equipment for large POTS, pans mouth along with a week of high brick walls , inside and outside with cement group, or use iron plate welding processing into the barrel type tank, around the tank is built with bricks walls, protect the operator safety, and is equipped with a pot or jar lid as sealing .Destroy the enzyme with the number and size of the equipment, is determined according to the capacity of oil palm fruit. Tools have take out the enzyme clusters of iron fork, take use iron scoop and manure basket, skeet, etc.

2, in the aspect of mechanical processing, oil palm fruit out the enzyme is to use steam out of enzymes, destroy enzyme device for horizontal cylinder plate welding and become, with steam nozzle and tracks in cylinder, and is equipped with a fruit basket .Can destroy the enzyme of each for two fruit basket car, fruit basket is made of thin plate, there are a lot of round holes, the car is fitted with iron wheel, placed in orbit, destroy enzyme tank capacity of oil palm grain 1 t at a time, the tools used in extinguishing enzyme long hook with a largo cage car, bucket in condensed water storage containers, oil palm fruit fork of iron, tin, manure basket, etc.




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