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Zhengzhou QIE grain and oil machinery co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of grain and oil machinery equipment along with scientific research, design, manufacturing, engineering installation and debugging.

  • Heave the dragon

    Heave the dragon

    Principal of feeding mouth twisted dragon, barrel, discharging mouth, helix, transmission parts, such as ground dragon is conveying material on thrust and spira
  • Bucket elevator

    Bucket elevator

    Bucket elevator is a mechanical conveying equipment fixtures, mainly for continuous vertical lift powder, granular and small pieces of material can be widely us
  • Scraper conveyor

    Scraper conveyor

    Scraper conveyor: use a scraper chain traction, in the worst transport bulk material conveyor is called scraper conveyor.
    Working principle of scraper conveyor

  • turnover


    Flip function of different specifications of the goods to meet the demand of the flip, safe, stable and effective to provide technology transfer, goods will be
  • Take off the fruit machine

    Take off the fruit machine

    Take off the fruit machine: machine operation method: enzyme will destroy oil palm fruit basket to the crane, on the bench to play the side door on both sides o
  • threshing station

    threshing station

    Thresher: Palm fruit thresher in palm oil plant is used for separate empty fruit bunch and palm fruit. According the palm oil mill capacity we can design the th
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