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Scraper conveyor

Scraper conveyor: use a scraper chain traction, in the worst transport bulk material conveyor is called scraper conveyor.
Working principle of scraper conveyor is that will open the chute, as coal, coal gangue or material such as bear, fix the scraper chain scraper chain) (composition, as traction artifacts.When the nose drive after start-up, drive sprocket on the shaft head rotation, make the scraper chain cycle running drive the material move along the chute, until to the nose of unloading.Bypass the scraper chain sprocket stepless closed cycle operation, complete material conveying.


1, the structure of the solid.Can withstand rushed to coal, coal gangue, or other materials, hit, hit a external force, pressure, etc.
2, can meet the needs of the mining face slab uneven, bending over, can withstand the vertical or horizontal bending.
3, the fuselage short, easy to install.
4, can and coal winning chance the orbit
5, can reverse running, easy to handle bottom chain accident.
6, the front of the hydraulic support can the fulcrum.
7, simple structure, the transmission length can be arbitrary point on feeding or discharging.
8, casing airtight, when conveying material can prevent the dust float in the sky and pollute the environment.
9, when its tail is not to set casing, and insert the scraper windrow, can take the material transporting.




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