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Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator is a mechanical conveying equipment fixtures, mainly for continuous vertical lift powder, granular and small pieces of material can be widely used in a variety of sizes feed mill, flour mill, rice mill, oil refinery enhance the starch factory and grain storage, port and other bulk materials.

Bucket elevator for vertical lifting through the limestone crusher, coal, gypsum, clinker, clay and other dry granular materials and raw materials, cement, coal and other powdered materials. Depending on the pace to run the hopper, bucket elevator can be divided into: three forms of centrifugal discharge, gravity discharge and hybrid discharge and so on. Centrifugal discharge bucket faster speed for conveying powder, granular, small block and other small abrasive materials; gravity discharge bucket slower speed for bulk transport, a large proportion of , large abrasive materials, such as limestone, clinker and so on. Bucket elevator traction components are chain, plate chain and tape several. And manufacturing chain structure is relatively simple, and the hopper is also very strong, large conveying abrasive materials, the smaller the wear of the chain, its weight is large. Plate chain structure is solid, lighter weight, suitable for enhancing capacity of the hoist, but hinged joints susceptible to wear, tape is relatively simple, but not suitable for transporting large abrasive materials, plastic materials, the temperature does not exceed 60
, steel belt clip allows the material temperature reached 80 , heat resistant plastic material to allow the temperature reached 120 , chain, chain conveyor plate material temperatures up to 250 .




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