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Zhengzhou QIE grain and oil machinery co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of grain and oil machinery equipment along with scientific research, design, manufacturing, engineering installation and debugging.

  • Steam pipe

    Steam pipe

    Steam pipe:
    Pipes with pipes, tubing and valves coupled to the coupling means for feeding a gas, liquid or solid particles with a fluid. Typically, the fluid th

  • Points are expected to wring the dragon

    Points are expected to wring the dragon

    Point are expected to wring the dragon: this machine is used for conveying material level, tilt, or short, in the conveying and mixing function at the same time
  • Machine pounded heating method

    Machine pounded heating method

    Machine pounded heating method: first check whether the mashing tank empty running normally, and then turning the jacketed inlet valve, open the discharge valve
  • Screw press

    Screw press

    The palm fruit press machine, screw press for double helix axis press equipment.Slag side has hydraulic slag device, can control the squeeze the pressure inside
  • Vacuum filter

    Vacuum filter

    Vacuum filterWe adopt vacuum dryer to separate moisture in the crude oil. The moisture in crude oil will evaporation by heating under vacuum condition. After pr
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