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Zhengzhou QIE grain and oil machinery co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of grain and oil machinery equipment along with scientific research, design, manufacturing, engineering installation and debugging.

  • Palm oil fractionation plant

    Palm oil fractionation plant

    Palm oil fractionation plant,First online crystallization and fractionation is a new concept that has been patented, and it is the best fractionation technology
  • Air duct

    Air duct

    Air duct :
    Use the materials such as concrete, brick, masonry, and channels for air circulation.
    According to the request of fire protection, general duct conne

  • Draught Fan

    Draught Fan

    Fan rely mechanical energy input, increase the gas pressure side send gases, it is a slave fluid machine.
    Fans are widely used in factories, ventilation mines,

  • The shattering of the palm kernel

    The shattering of the palm kernel

    The shattering of the palm kernel, palm kernel crushing broken is the purpose of oil cells, make the oil can be smoothly for making out .Benevolence after crush
  • Palm kernel polishing machine

    Palm kernel polishing machine

    Basic principles: polishing machine operation is the key to try to get the maximum polishing rate, in order to remove polishing when the damage layer as soon as
  • Palm kernel breakage

    Palm kernel breakage

    core broken: after soften the stone can be broken, broken nucleus can be divided into two or more disc, the kernel was released .Stone crusher are almost all of
  • Shell kernel separation

    Shell kernel separation

    Palm kernel shell after the product is a kind of mixture, including full palm kernel without rupture, strip off the shell, the kernel Mixture and fiber must be
  • Polishing  machine in palm oil pant

    Polishing machine in palm oil pant

    After press, we can get the mixture of palm fiber and palm nut. Palm nut Polishing machine can remove the fiber on the nut. We can use the wind to discharge the f
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